The Big Five: Chronic Care Management

shutterstock_237618709Chronic diseases are a national epidemic. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chronic diseases and conditions- such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity and arthritis- are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States, and yet that are among the most common, costly and preventable of all health problems. In fact, as of 2012 half of all adults (117 million people) have one or more chronic health conditions, and 1 in 4 adults have 2 or more chronic health conditions, as do 1 in 15 children. As a healthcare provider, chronic conditions play a massive role in your organization’s daily patient care and yet it has quickly become the most expensive sector in the industry, accounting for approximately 86% of total healthcare spending.

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Choosing a Service Provider: Top 3 Factors You Need to Know About that Affect USAC Funding

Are you a skilled nursing facility (SNF) looking to apply for Universal Service Funding for the upcoming year under the Rural Health Care (RHC) Program? SNFs are eligible to apply for the RHC Program and file forms 465 or 461, the first step in the funding process, on January 1, 2017.

At TeleQuality Communications, we have over 15 years of experience in providing quality telecommunications and technology solutions to healthcare providers and assisting them through the RHC program. We have learned extensively over the years while navigating the program with our healthcare client and want to share with you a few tips we have under our belt.

While any service provider can technically provide services for your network, there are three key factors that can influence that amount of funding you receive from the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) who administers the USF funding:

  • Form Guidance
  • Network Design
  • Invoicing USAC

Let’s break down each item below.

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TeleQuality Celebrates Grand Opening of New HQ Building

TeleQuality Communications had a blast celebrating the Grand Opening of our new headquarters building in San Antonio! Thank you to all who came out and celebrated “Oktoberfest” with us and received a tour of our new building!

See pictures from the Oktoberfest party below!

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TeleQuality Wins San Antonio Company “Fit Challenge”

All we do is win! That’s right, TeleQuality Communications competed in the 2016 Company FIT Challenge held in San Antonio and won 1st place for the small sized company division. We are so proud of all of our employees who worked and trained together to compete in the challenge and ultimately have fun while being healthy! The Fit Company Challenge promotes fitness and health in the business community by honoring and challenging those companies and leaders that lead by example, and inspiring others to follow!

Check out some awesome photos below of our team “Bandwidth and Chill” rockin’ the FIT challenge! (All photos courtesy of Fit Company Challenge)

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The Big Five: Limited Access to Healthcare

With the phenomenal increase and advancement in healthcare technologies over the past few decades, many would like to think technology has the power to fix many if not all of the problems facing healthcare; however, upon deeper inspection there are complicated problems impacting the activities outside the four walls of a healthcare organization. Outside those four walls are communities of patients that sometimes struggle just getting to the front door. Access to health care services in the U.S. continues to be a problem plaguing everyone from inner-city urban areas to remote rural areas. Some key challenges that we have found from research and customer feedback that contribute to this problem are:

  • Lack of patient transportation
  • No or limited health insurance
  • Language barriers

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TeleQuality Named 2016 “Market Mover” by AT&T Partner Exchange


TeleQuality’s Market Mover award with signed boxing gloves from celebrity guest speaker, “Sugar” Ray Leonard.

TeleQuality Communications is very excited and grateful to announce we were one of a handful of companies to receive an award and recognition from AT&T at their 2016 Partner Exchange Summit (APEX) in Dallas on October 12th. TeleQuality won the Market Mover award that signifies the highest mix of revenue and sales for an AT&T solutions provider. At TeleQuality, we always work to find the best combination of telecommunications products and services to best serve our customers and we are thrilled to be able to provide many of those solutions through AT&T.



Welcome 2016 Q3 New Hires!

shutterstock_383853448TeleQuality is thrilled to welcome more new hires from our very successful Q3! Get to know each of them below!





susan-maySusan May – Accounting Manager 

TeleQuality welcomes Susan May as our new Accounting Manager. In this role, Susan is responsible for overseeing all activities and functions within the accounting department. With 22 years of accounting experience, 26 years overall working in the healthcare industry and a certified CPA, Susan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to TeleQuality. Welcome Susan! 

Where did you grow up? Laredo, Texas.

Most enjoyable trip/vacation? Telluride, Colorado

Hidden Talent? Cooking

Activities you enjoy outside of work? Hiking

What’s one of the top items on your life bucket list? More travel

09-2016-jeff_headshotJeff Stang – Sales Engineer

As a sales engineer, Jeff will be working with TeleQuality customers to design WAN connectivity plans with sufficient capacity to meet existing and planned bandwidth and security requirements-and qualify for funding through through the FCC’s Universal Service Fund (USF). Jeff has been working in telecommunications with both service providers and equipment vendors since graduating with a BSEE degree from UT – Arlington, TX in 1990. Welcome Jeff! 

Where did you grow up? “I grew up in Omaha, NE but relocated to San Antonio to join TeleQuality from the DFW area where I’ve lived, raised a family and worked for 30 years.”

Most enjoyable trip/vacation? “The most enjoyable trip I’ve taken was to Sicily, Italy. There is fascinating history and incredible artifacts in that region and the climate and cuisine are perfect!”

Activities you enjoy outside of work? “I enjoy my time ATTEMPTING to improve my ukulele skills and do believe I am nearly at ‘Grill Master Class’ with my smoked meats! :)”

What do you look forward to most with your new role at TQ? “I’m looking forward to getting out on the road to meet with our customers!”

kevin-melodyKevin Melody- Regional Account Manager (RAM) 

Kevin joins TeleQuality as our newest Regional Account Manager for the state of Maine where he will be in charge of marketing and selling TQCI’s breath of products and services to rural healthcare facilities in that territory. His goal is to help healthcare providers deliver better outcomes to their patients by providing access to better technology which will minimize the geographical challenges their patients face. Kevin’s background includes 18 years of experience in the medical device marketplace. Welcome Kevin!

Where did you grow up? “Born in Wichita, KS. Have lived in southern Maine for the past 20 years.”

Most enjoyable trip/vacation? “Ireland for our honeymoon.”

Activities you enjoy outside of work? “I enjoy spending time with my family, particularly outdoors. I enjoy sailing on my boat, as well as hunting and fishing.”

What’s one of the top items on your life bucket list? “To go back to Australia, where I completed my senior year of high school. Would also like to take the time to sail the entire coast of Maine.”

headshotBryan Stofle- Senior Manager of Network Performance 

Bryan joins TeleQuality as our Senior Manager of Network Performance where he is in charge of managing the Network Operations Center (NOC), ensuring customer circuit performance and assisting with corporate strategy as part of the operations management team. He received his first professional certification in 2003 and, with the exception of a few years in the US Navy, have been involved in IT ever since. His past experience includes working for multiple managed service providers where he managed teams of technicians, being Director of IT at a large medical research facility and founding a successful security software firm. 

Where did you grow up? “I was born in North Carolina and grew up in central Texas.”

Most enjoyable trip/vacation? “This is probably a tie between Cyprus and Scotland.”

What do you like to do outside of work? “Outside of work I like to do anything outside. I’m an avid hunter, love anything involving boating or the water in general, and think anything that’s good is better with live music.”

What’s one of the top items on your life bucket list?  “Watch my kids graduate college.”

Favorite quote:  “Far better is it to dare mightily, to achieve glorious triumphs though checked by failure than to take ranks with those poor souls that neither enjoy much nor fear much as they reside in that grey twilight zone between victory and defeat.” -Theodore Roosevelt

jessica-ochoaJessica Ochoa- Receptionist 

Jessica joins TeleQuality as our new receptionist responsible for providing the first impression for all TQ customers, vendors and partners that visit or contact our headquarters in San Antonio. Jessica’s background includes 7 years in payroll and human resources handling employee benefits, FMLA, new hires, etc. She also worked for the Criminal Unit I at the Pima County Superior Court where she initiated new cases, arrest orders and summons. Welcome Jessica!

Where did you grow up? “I am from Tucson, Arizona and moved to San Antonio May of 2016. So far I’m loving San Antonio!”

Most enjoyable trip/vacation? “Hawaii.” 

Activities you enjoy outside of work? “I love to draw and ride horses.” 

What’s one of the top items on your life bucket list? “Succeed in life.”